ATAC Diffused Aeration Systems

Diffused aeration systems move water from the bottom of the pond to the surface. As water travels to the surface, its oxygen level increases. The upwelling currents keep the water mixed and does not allow a thermocline to form. When a system of this nature is introduced to the pond, there is a strict break-in procedure that must be followed. This procedure is not for the compressor itself; it is for the water in your pond. Mixing the two layers of water rapidly will have adverse effects resulting in dangerously low oxygen levels and possible fish kills. Aerator compressors must be placed in a clean, well-ventilated area and protected from the weather. If no housing is available, we recommend using one of our compressor shelters to ensure proper operation. An annual maintenance kit is also recommended along with regular air filter changes (every three months) so that the compressor continues to operate at its full potential. This type of system is not recommended for ponds that are 6 feet deep or less. The main purpose is for deeper water applications where a surface aeration system would be unable to reach and eliminate a thermocline. Custom systems are available to meet specific