ATAC Services

ATAC is proud to offer a wide range of specialized lake management services to developers, land management professionals, and private homeowners. Aquatic ecosystems mandate that water features be carefully created and thoughtfully maintained. Our years of experience consulting, diagnosing, and correcting issues with local lakes and ponds allow us to efficiently and cost effectively treat the specific types of aquatic problems indigenous to Ohio and the tri-state area.  

Free Property Surveys

We offer free property surveys to obtain acreage and evaluate your ponds condition. From there we will provide you with recommendations for lake management, fish stocking, fountain and aeration, and plantings. Fill out our free property survey form to have an aquatic specialist visit your site.  

Lake Management Programs

ATAC has a comprehensive chemical control program that will guarantee your satisfaction. This program includes bi-weekly inspections and as needed treatments for aquatic weeds, algae, weeds in rock borders, and the addition of lake dye if desired. Lake management programs begin in early spring and continue through fall. They are designed to give you a pristine looking lake or pond all season long. Contact our office today to set up a free property survey. 

Ecosystem-based Lake Management

Long-term, ecosystem based adaptive management plans are intended for lake owners who are looking for more than a quick fix to their lake's problems. These plans are developed by ATAC biologist who use biological sampling methods to identify the sources of both short-term and long-term problems. The problems then are addressed with long-term biologically sound solutions that are adapted annually or on an as needed basis depending on the response of the lake. The management plans are intended to maintain a healthy ecosystem for years to come. 

Ecosystem-based approaches are often necessary in managing larger lakes because they have different needs and more complicated problems. Our management plans can be tailored to the lake or the concerns of the homeowner or community. They can be very simple or very complex. Our biologist will collect data on lake health and implement appropriate management actions. This may include stocking fish, alum treatments to control internal nutrient cycling, the addition of beneficial bacteria, installing riparian buffers to control external nutrient loading, and enhancing fish habitat. 



Adding plants to your pond's shoreline or water garden is an excellent way to filter out extra nutrients that can increase the growth of algae and vegetation. We offer a variety of plants to not only be aesthetically pleasing but that also provide oxygen and great cover for your fish. Plants are a great way to slow down the erosion process as well.  

Aeration Services

Our company has authorized service technicians who can offer assistance with any of your aeration needs. Services include providing free estimates for new units, installation , repairs, and annual maintenance kits.


Fountain Services

Fountain services includes providing free estimates for new units, installation, repairs, annual maintenance, fountain cleanings, fountain removal and storage, and onsite service calls. Fountain cleaning include cleaning the float, intake screens, lights, and changing bulbs when necessary. Fountain removal and storage includes removing the fountain for the winter, visual inspection, pressure washing, storing in a secure facility, and re-installing in the spring. 

Fish Stocking

We offer various stocking programs to suit your specific needs. All stocking recommendations are based upon the acreage , specific characteristics of your pond, and your personal goals. Optimal time for stocking is in the spring and the fall. When the water temperature is cooler it reduces the stress on the fish. We offer free delivery on all orders over $250.00 to Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Place your pre-order online or call our office for assistance. 


Forage Fish Stocking Program

Stocking forage fish regularly will increase growth rates and promote reproduction of your gamefish. In order to maintain an adequate forage fish population, it is recommended to stock forage fish in the spring and fall. Our forage fish stocking program was developed to aid our customers in achieving this goal. The program is free to join, no obligation to stock, and you can cancel at any time. Becoming a forage fish stocking member also makes you eligible to receive special discounts on fathead minnows and golden shiners as well as free delivery. Forage fish stocking members receive a courtesy call from our staff in the spring and fall to let them know our delivery truck will be in the area. Call our office to speak to a representative to determine appropriate stocking rates for your pond.  

Fish Population Survey

Stocking more fish is not always the answer to improving an existing fishery. In order to gain important information  about the quality of your established fishery, ATAC biologist can conduct fish population surveys. This method uses pulsating DC electric current to stun fish for easy capture without harm. The fish are then counted, weighed, and aged. The objective is to estimate abundance, condition, growth, size structure, and age structure of the species in your pond. This information is important in establishing balance in your pond. Stocking, feeding, removal of fish, or aquatic weed control may be recommended to maintain a balanced fishery. We recommend late spring , early summer, or fall to perform a fish population survey. 


Onsite Consulting

The first step in solving aquatic problems is having a ATAC biologist do an onsite inspection. Our biologist, who is also a licensed aquatic pesticide applicator, will identify the algae and aquatic weeds present. They will then prepare a treatment program using EPA approved algaecides and herbicides. They will guide you through the first treatment and explain the basics of applying the chemicals yourself.  

Water Quality Analysis

Excellent water quality is vital to the overall enjoyment of your lake or pond. Water quality affects both the aesthetic value and the overall health of your fishery. Samples can be collected by a biologist onsite or samples can be brought to our office for analysis. Some reasons to have your water analyzed include fish kills, algae blooms, and foul smelling water.