Triploid White Amur

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The White Amur is a member of the minnow family and can eat three times it's body weight in aquatic vegetation per day. ATAC tests all white amurs for 100% triploidy as required by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Triploid means they cannot reproduce due to an extra chromosome in each cell. This condition only affects reproduction and not their vitality. As adults reach ages of five years or older they become less effective in controlling aquatic weeds. Restocking is necessary to get consistent control of aquatic weeds. We recommend restocking 30-40% of the original quantity every two to three years.


The most important factors to consider when determining the quantity to stock are the type and quantity of weeds. White Amurs prefer pondweeds and naiads, but will also eat algae once weeds are thinned out. Artificial reefs and other fish cover may need to be added to replace the missing weeds.


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