2-5 HP Airmax LakeSeries Fountain

Airmax LakeSeries

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Airmax® LakeSeries® Fountain Series

The LakeSeries is our premier water fountain line, stepping up in class with higher horsepower options, larger spray patterns, and an industry-exclusive design. The LakeSeries offers superior performance among pond fountains as well as lake fountains while remaining easy to install, maintain, and customize with a variety of optional spray patterns and full-spectrum, color-changing LED lights.

  • Maintenance-Free, Energy-Efficient Motor - Powering the LakeSeries is a stainless-steel, continuous duty motor which is supported by our advanced pump and cooling chambers that extend motor life and maximize thermal transfer. All with no oil, seals, or bearings to change. Resulting in optimum motor performance and durability, while remaining energy efficient.
  • Easy Installation - The Airmax LakeSeries floating pond fountains are engineered for easy installation using the exclusive ISP Float System. Fountains also feature a quick-change nozzle design, allowing you to change the look of your water feature quickly and easily, without tools.
  • Programmable Control Panel - Durable control panel is designed with 2 programmable 24-hour digital timers, so you can independently program your fountain and lights to run up to 8 times a day. Airmax control panels feature motor and light GFCI protection for optimum safety in the event of a ground fault.
  • Spray Patterns - Create impressive displays with our optional high-flow fountain spray patterns. LakeSeries decorative fountains feature multiple industry-leading spray patterns (Sold Separately). Choose from 9 different spray patterns including Classic, Trumpet, Crown & Trumpet, Gusher, Crown & Gusher, Single Arch, Double Arch, Double Arch & Geyser, and Blossom.


Classic Spray Pattern Trumpet Spray Pattern  Crown & Trumpet Spray Pattern Gusher Spray Pattern Blossom Spray Pattern
2 HP Pattern Dimensions: 2 HP Pattern Dimensions: 2 HP Pattern Dimensions: 2 HP Pattern Dimensions: 2 HP Pattern Dimensions:
11'H x 30'W 20'H X 9'W Trumpet: 14'H X 10'W 21'H 1st Tier: 14' X 16'W
    Crown: 6'H X 46'W   2nd Tier: 2'6"H X 20'W
3 HP Pattern Dimensions: 3 HP Pattern Dimensions: 3 HP Pattern Dimensions: 3 HP Pattern Dimensions: 3 HP Pattern Dimensions:
13'H X 30'W 23'H X 10'W Trumpet: 15'H X 10'W 28'H 1st Tier: 16'H X 11'W
    Crown: 8'H X 50'W   2nd Tier 3' H X 24'W
5 HP Pattern Dimensions: 5 HP Pattern Dimensions 5 HP Pattern Dimensions 5 HP Pattern Dimensions: 5 HP Pattern Dimensions:
16'H X 35'W 30'H X 10'W Trumpet: 24'H X 8'W 35'H 1st Tier: 17'H X 17'W
    Crowne: 12'H X 56'W   2nd Tier: 5'H X 30' W
Crown & Gusher  Single Arch
Double Arch Spray Pattern
Double Arch & Geyser Spray Pattern   
2 HP Pattern Dimensions:
2 HP Pattern Dimensions:  2 HP Pattern Dimensions:  2 HP Pattern Dimensions:   
Gusher: 15'H 13'H X 30'W  1st Tier: 13' X 16'W   Geyser: 13'H  
 Crown: 8'H x 52' H   2nd Tier: 6'H X 46'W  1st Tier: 7'H X 16'W   
3 HP Pattern Dimensions:  3 HP Pattern Dimensions:   3 HP Pattern Dimensions:   2nd Tier: 3'H X 16'W   
 Gusher: 16'H 15'H X 40'W  1st Tier: 16'H X 12'W  3 HP Pattern Dimensions:    
 Crown: 11'H X 50'W    2nd Tier: 8'H X 50'W Geyser: 17'H   
 5 HP Pattern Dimensions:  5 HP Pattern Dimensions:   5 HP Pattern Dimensions:   1st Tier: 9'H X 20'W   
 Gusher: 22'H 20'H x 40'W 1st Tier: 20'H X 20'W  2nd Tier: 5'H X 20'W   
Crown: 13'H X 60'W   2nd Tier: 10'H X 60'W   5 HP Pattern Dimensions:     
      Geyser: 21'H  
      1st Tier: 11'H X 25'W  
      2nd Tier: 6'H X 25'W  





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