Pond Log Water Clarifier

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APS 700 Series Floc Logs are a group of semi-hydrated anionic polyacrylamide blended logs that when placed in the flow of turbid water remove fine particles and reduce turbidity, metals and inanimate nutrient values.  Each Floc Log is formulated for the soil and water chemistry of the specific site where the placement and usage are intended. 


Primary Applications


  • Mine tailings and waste pile ditches
  • Stormwater drainage from  construction and building sites
  • Road and highway construction runoff ditches
  • Ditch and treatment system placement for all forms of highly turbid waters (less than 4% solids)
  • Dredging operations as a flocculent



Applied Polymer Solutions 800 Series Pond Logs work to improve water clarity by causing excess nutrients to bind together and settle in the bottom of your pond. These logs are safe for use with fish and can improve the health and appearance of your pond by cleaning up dirty water and increasing oxygen levels in the water. Each APS Pond Log effectively treats approximately 325,000 to 500,000 gallons of water and are best used near areas of high water flow.