Fishkills and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Austin Smith on Jun 26th 2019

Fish Kills and How to Avoid ThemFish are a great addition to nearly any pond as they contribute to creating a more natural habitat, greatly add to the aesthetic and recreational value of a pond, and c … read more

Common Algae and Pondweeds: Intro to Identification

Posted by Joshua Mann on Mar 8th 2019

Hey pond/lake owners, has there ever been a time when you wanted to properly identify exactly what algae or weed species you have growing in your pond?  In this article, ATAC will not only give y … read more

Forage Fish Stocking

Posted by Austin Smith on Feb 11th 2019

Ponds can be dynamic environments but it is also important to remember that they are often small and man-made and therefore they can be lacking certain aspects of natural habitats. One thing that is o … read more

Solving the film mystery

Posted by Joshua Mann, Aquatic Specialist on Nov 19th 2018

Solving the Film MysteryEvery day you look out at your pond and take in all the activity that goes on around it. Seeing the reflection of the trees off the water, watching the fish hit the surface a … read more

Surface Aeration vs. Diffused Aeration

Posted by Samantha Sanders, Operations Manager on Nov 7th 2018

Things to ConsiderMechanical aeration is often necessary for water quality improvement in lakes and ponds. Differences in water temperatures can cause thermal stratification during summer months. This … read more