Surface Aeration

 A surface aeration unit is designed to provide oxygen at the surface and distribute it throughout the water column. It achieves this by moving water with a high gpm (gallons per minute) rate. They can be used in any application and can virtually eliminate any chance for a thermocline in bodies of water up to 8 feet deep. There is no break-in procedure required for the water with a surface aerator. This type of unit draws the cooler water from under the surface. When this happens, oxygen is being introduced into that cooler water and is being heated up at the same time. The now warmer water is dispersed throughout the surface and will eventually make its way to the bottom, carrying the oxygen along with it. Over time this will mix both layers of water and will provide adequate oxygen levels throughout. Along with providing oxygen, they can also be aesthetically pleasing. The water that is being moved by the unit comes out much like an erupting volcano. This can be not only an eye catcher but an audible experience as well. Lighting options are also available so they can be enjoyed in the evening hours.